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Sixtiesguitars deals with the search, renovation and sales of unique, special and rare European guitars.

Guitars and piece parts at the same place.

Various old instruments and their parts are available in our store which are really difficult to find. Guitar bodies, guitar necks, vibratos, pickups and lots of other stuff.

Why exactly those guitars? Because I love them. I am in love with old guitars.

I like when the lacker  is cracky and the vibrato is old and nice.

I like that they are not perfect and they are not average.

I like their unique appearance and their  special tunes.

Briefly:  love. / it was love at first sight.

This is all what Sixtiesguitars is about.


Shop My Store on Reverb
Shop My Store on Reverb

If you can't find on the site what you are looking for, use the contact form and I will get your guitar, or the the missing part for your instrument!

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