Jolana Tornado Hopf Saturn 63 Moni Bassus Höfner Jazz Migma Favorit (Heinz Seifert) Jolana Marina 2 Dynacord DA-15 Dynacord MV-15


I have been collecting all kinds of guitars since 2009; eastern guitars, western guitars, precious guitars and cheap guitars. I got my first guitar at the age of 15 which was a Jolana Galaxis bass guitar that I repainted to different colour each month. I was probably inspired to do this because I listened to a lot of punk music at that time.

Why guitars from the sixties?

Althought I did not live yet then, I really like Rock’n’Roll music and the athmosphere of the sixties. Most of my guitars are from this period. I am mostly inspired by a guitar's looks and its condition. A special f-hole or an interesting shape is enough to try to get hold myself.

My purpose that the guitars the original factory condition to be in my collection.

My favourite guitars are the Jolana, Moni and Orfeus.

The aim of my website is to display my collection and to encourage other collectors to do the same.
"Rare pieces should be put on display and not stacked away in the garage or the attic". If you like my page please "like" or share it on facebook so that the information is spread to as many music lovers as possible.

Cheers: Kustán Sándor (kusti)

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